Gamebook is a collection of abstract strategy board games designed for you to explore, read, play and enjoy!

Gamebook’s special feature is magnetic binding. Every page is simply plucked out when you want to play!

»Beautifully designed and well-thought - very nice selection of games, complex rules yet introduced and packed in a simple way. A perfect take-away kit for all the strategic games lovers. Thank you for this gem!«

Nadja Š., a customer

»Great gift idea for the upcoming holidays!! It's minimalistic design is so beautiful and also the games are well-chosen. My friends love it! I would definitely recommend it to all board games lovers!«

Ana Marie, a costumer

»Got the Game Book today in the U.S. The attention to detail is noticable! Thanks for all the hard work. The final product is great!«

BJ, backer, Kickstarter

»The whole package is a visual treat, almost like graphic art. The games are enjoyable and you can play some in a pair others with a family. The book is compact and very convenient to bring to cozy gatherings. It would make a lovely gift.«

Klara Z., a costumer

Gamebook is simply great! Interesting games in a beautifully and thoughtfully designed package that is easy to take with you anywhere you want to play! A favorite so far is Tablut, we've been playing it quite a lot during the corona-quarantine!

Kim I., a costumer