Picture Book

Nejc Gazvoda: Fant iz papirja

First Edition, 2021 I Slovenian I author Nejc Gazvoda I illustration & design Hana Jesih I typeface Katka Basic I paper IQ Print I print R-tisk I pages 38

Gazvod's literary debut in the field of youth literature tells in a metaphorical way what can happen when two very different worlds meet - the world of paper and the world of ink. The picture book encourages the acceptance of difference and the child's imagination of how to play with paper and ink. The picture book received Special Recognition of the new path to innovation in addition to the nomination for the Kristina Brenkova Award for the original Slovenian picture book 2021.

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Board Games Collection

GAMEBOOK, an Interactive
Book of Board Games

Red Edition, First Edition, 2019 I English/Slovenian I authors Hana Jesih, Peter Plantan I illustration & design Hana Jesih I print Tiskarna in knjigoveznica Radovljica

Gamebook is a hybrid - both an interactive book and a unique collection of ancient abstract strategy board games. The box for game pieces is also the book’s backbone that holds the pages together with magnetic binding. Gamebook at first gained Kickstarter supporters from 36 countries and later it has received many other recognitions!

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artist's book

Impresije, Ljubljana/Istanbul

First Edition, 2017 I Slovenian I illustration & design Hana Jesih, Eva Mlinar I texts Kaja Blazinšek, Andraž Boštjančič, Nejc Gazvoda, Matic Kocijančič, Eva Mahkovic I print Pri Tiskarskem Škratu I binding Maruji I paper Shiro White I run50 copies

Artist’s Book is an artistic correspondence between artists Hana Jesih and Eva Mlinar. They exchanged collage illustrations representing their experiences and perceptions of the culture, society, community and diversity of the cities they have lived in during that time. The illustrations in the book are accompanied by short stories and poems. The project was supported by the Ministry of Culture in Slovenia.

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Book and Animated Film

No Exit, J. P. Sartre

A master thesis project, mentorship by Radovan Jenko & Maciej Buszewicz, 2016 I English I author J. P. Sartre I illustration & design Hana Jesih I print Pri Tiskarskem Škratu I paper Amber Graphic I music & sound Rory Greenaway

Book is an interactive instrument. The user has to tear apart the 1st chapter of the book with the paper knife, to enter the room of Sartre’s hell. On the back cover of the book is Ticket to Hell, which leads the user to the animated film No Exit. Collaboration of the book-object and the animated film gives the user (reader or onlooker) experience of some of the existential ideas of Jean Paul Sartre.

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Artist’s Book

The Stranger, Albert Camus

A bachelor thesis project, mentorship by Radovan Jenko, 2013 I English I author Albert Camus I illustration & design Hana Jesih I print Pri Tiskarskem Škratu I paper Shiro Alga Carta I binding Leporello I run 7 original copies

Design challenge was the 10 meter long horizontal layout for each part of the book, where rhythm played the main role.The 1st part of the book concentrates on the physical experience of the main character Meursault. Every chapter has its own rhythm and illustrations have a special bond to expressive typography. Meursault in the 2nd part of the book is imprisoned. The rhythm there is passive, the boxes of text are stuck in a black surface. Pagination is going reversed from 86 to 0, down to the last breath of the main character.

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