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A boy from paper is in love with a girl who lives in the house opposite his. This girl is out of ink. Their love is forbidden because they are so different. But they are determined that this will not stop them. Sometimes what makes us the most different is exactly what brings us together.

special recognition

of the New Path to Innovation

»received a picture book Fant iz papirja by Nejc Gazvoda and Hana Jesih, in addition to the nomination for the Kristina Brenkova Award for the original Slovenian picture book 2021. Gazvod's literary debut in the field of youth literature tells in a metaphorical way what can happen when two very different worlds meet - the world of paper and the world of ink. According to the jury, the illustrator managed to conjure a story of love and hate using basic artistic elements and materials.«



The boy is thin as a leaf, transparent in the sun and he can fly. He likes to fold origami, to fly a paper kite and to thumb through books about Henri Matisse’s collages. He collects leaves of various trees for a herbarium and above all, he likes to create his world from paper.


The girl leaves traces of ink, runs fast, and dries a little longer. She is invisible at night. She likes manuscripts, ornaments and also the artist William Morris. She loves to imagine abstract forms of spilled ink drops. She has a lot of ideas about what else will spill over and evolve from that.

Colour and Paper

We precisely set the structure of each colour used in illustrations, and for that reason we also chose appropriate paper (with the FSC certificat) for the best offset print results. The excellent job was made also by R-tisk printing house.


Letters and characters from the picture book are entirely cut-out of paper. Selected is the typeface Katka made by Slovenian designer Teja Smrekar - Flehatype

Make a Boy From Paper

Are you keen to explore the world of paper? Make a boy from paper and present your world to him. You can turn two pieces of printed paper with some effort and scissors into A boy from paper

»The picture book offers the most obvious contrast of black and white, in a way it helps us to connect to the story any criteria by which people are different from each other: race, appearance, nationality, disability … lesson is that all kinds of people can be friends and that even those who are most different from each other can write the most beautiful stories of love and friendship.«

The book review on the blog Ajda naklada

»An imaginatively illustrated book with a beautiful color scheme and message. The very first pages of the picture book already make an impression, and then there are even more surprises that help reading to remain a pleasure until the end. Congratulations on a beautiful book.«

Katarina M. Š., a customer

»Picture book is an unusual, poetically and interpretively open work, which deals with the theme of forbidden love with a particularly innovative artistic and design approach. By choosing atypically unique heroes, the creators simultaneously explore the expressive ability and performance of various materials and reflect on the creative process that leads to artistic creation.«

The book review on the blog Orbis Pictus