Let your imagination run wild, meet mythological creatures and find your way through The Monster Labyrinth!

Mythological Creatures

The first issue presents us with famous creatures from ancient myths, fairy tales and ancient legends. Do you know which mythological monster is living in the labyrinth? Have you heard of the Phoenix, the bird with healing tears? Do you know the answer to the Sphinx riddle?

The Monster Labyrinth

The poster is a racing board game called The Monster Labyrinth which takes us on a journey with the wonders and creatures from the world's treasury of fairy tales. Wooden toy figures and a cube are included. To get out of the labyrinth you will need sweets and a lot of imagination!

The Monster Collage

is one of the creative tasks of the first issue of Curious Kid. Print the worksheet on your printer! You can send your monster creations to our email, we will be happy to publish them in The Monster Collage exhibition on our website.

Curious Kid is an educational and activity package. It includes the leaflet & poster, playing figures and some other amazements.

User experience of the leaflet Radovedko

»We got Curious Kid as a present and we played all morning today. Ingeniously and very educational. Our girls, aged 5 and 7, did not lose their focus, they were always on their toes, wondering what was going to happen.«

Eva and her family, customers

Who and what is a Curious Kid?

Pictograms presents interests of the curious kid

Curious Kid has a vivid imagination.

He likes narrative pictures, creative tasks, mind-maps, riddles and imaginative games. He is an explorer and a knowledge seeker.

Are you curious too?

icon for the leaflet

Curious Kid is an educational leaflet and a thematic magazine.

It is intended for children (5+), parents, lovers of illustration and for the curious at heart. Readers learn about the selected theme, which is the common thread of each individual issue of the magazine for young researchers.

icon for the poster

Curious Kid is also a poster when the leaflet is completely unfolded!

The poster can decorate a children's room or become a smart wall with encyclopedic and popular scientific content for the children.

thematic icons for the first issue of Radovedko

Illustrations & Pictograms

are key features of each issue. The Curious Kid encourages visual memory! Pictograms are in the role of  infographics explaining the topic of each individual issue.

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Pearls of Literature

In each issue is a picture book review and book recommendations. The book review also includes tips on how to bring the selected theme and content of the picture book closer to children.

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Thematic Attachments

The Curious Kid is accompanied also by unusual supplements in each issue. P.S.: We encourage analog correspondence between peers, so there will often be postcards attached!


The Curious Kid is eco-friendly made in Slovenia. Selected papers have FSC certificates. The package is made of recycled materials, where there are no waste materials. Envelope stores the components of an individual issue of Curious Kid and it is also intended for sending by post.


Curious Kid is a collection of educational and activity leaflets and posters for children. In 2023, it will be published occasionally, but then it is expected to be published 4 times a year. Subscribe to our email info@hibirdbooks.com and we will inform you about newly published issues and thematic activities related to them.


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