Gamebook is a hybrid - both an interactive book and a unique collection of board games. Gamebook includes everything you need to start playing any of the board games.

The box for game pieces is also the book’s backbone that holds the pages together with magnetic binding. Every page is simply plucked out when you want to play!


#S’n’t #Senat #Senet

Senet is a 5000-year old board game for two players. This board game was found in many ancient Egyptian tombs. Senet is a kind of talisman for the journey of the dead. The winner is the first to pass into the afterlife.

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#Tafl #Hnefatafl #Viking Chess #Tablut

Hnefatafl games are a family of ancient Nordic and Celtic strategy board games. Tablut, a hunt war game for two players, is an asymmetric game of pure strategy played with two armies of uneven numbers.

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#Royal Game of India

Pachisi is a circle race board game, for two or three players, or four players in two teams. The name of the game comes from the Hindi word pachis which means 25, the largest score that could be thrown with sticks.

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#Mū tōrere

Mū tōrere is a blockade game for two players. It is indigenous game of the Maori people from New Zealand. Maori took a great pride in their skills with the game, especially since its apparent simplicity would fool people into thinking little strategy is required.   

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The booklet History & Rules is included on the back page of the book. You can pluck it out and read it separately so it won’t disturb the game flow of the game you’re playing.


#Roundabouts #Dam-daman #Surakarta  

Surakarta is a little-known Indonesian strategy board game for two players, named after the ancient city of Surakarta in central Java. The game features an unusual method of capture, which does not exist in any other recorded board game.

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Stern-halma is a strategy board game for two to six players. It was invented in Germany as a variation of the older American game Halma. The name Halma means jump in Greek. Players need to hop across the board to reach home.

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#Nine Men’s Morris #The Mill Game #Muhle

Nine Men’s Morris is an abstract strategy board game for two players. It is a very old game that has been played for thousands of years all over the world. Each player is trying to form a mill in order to capture opponent pieces.

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#El-quirkat #Quirkat #Alquerque

Alquerque is a war strategy board game for two players. Alquerque is considered a game of skill, which tests a player’s awareness and insight into future consequences. 

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If you want to play with more than one friend, you can play board game Be Humble. Assemble four boards of the Gamebook to create a new board game specially designed and developed for this edition!