Gamebook received ZGDW Award 2020, the Brumen recognition for excellent Slovenian Design 2019 and Selection of Design Excellence Made In Slovenia

Gamebook is a collection of abstract strategy board games designed for you to explore, read, play and enjoy!

Magnetic Binding

The box for game pieces is also the book’s backbone that holds the pages together with magnetic binding. Every page is simply plucked out when you want to play!

History and Rules

The booklet History & Rules is included on the back page of the book. You can pluck it out and read it separately so it won’t disturb the game flow of the game you’re playing.

Board Game Be Humble

Assemble four boards of the Gamebook to create a new board game specially designed and developed for this edition!

Board Games Collection

Have you ever heard of: Alquerque, Stern-halma, Surakarta, Nine Men’s Morris, Pachisi, Tablut, Senet or Mū Tōrere?

We have searched the rich history of board games for untold stories. We believe that games have always been an important tool for human social interaction, and Gamebook is designed to encourage this!

Senet, board game


is a 5000-year old board game for two players. This board game was found in many ancient Egyptian tombs. Senet is a kind of talisman for the journey of the dead. The winner is the first to pass into the afterlife.

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Tablut, board game


is part of a special group of ancient strategy board games called Hnefatafl. Tablut, a hunt war game for two players, is an asymmetric game of pure strategy played with two armies of uneven numbers.

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Pachisi, board game


is a Royal Game of India and a circle race board game. The name of the game comes from the Hindi word pachis which means 25, the largest score that could be thrown with sticks.

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»We have started our journey on Kickstarter, where Gamebook was founded in a few days! If you would like to find out ‘behind the book pages’ process, go to our Kickstarter page to see video and presentation.«

Our customer Klara Z. appended this picture with her review of the Gamebook. In the picture is the playing field of board game Senet, which is included in the board game collection Gamebook.

»The whole package is a visual treat, almost like graphic art. The games are enjoyable and you can play some in a pair others with a family. The book is compact and very convenient to bring to cozy gatherings. It would make a lovely gift.«

Klara Z., a customer

»Beautifully designed and well-thought - very nice selection of games, complex rules yet introduced and packed in a simple way. A perfect take-away kit for all the strategic games lovers. Thank you for this gem!«

Nadja Š., a customer

»Got the Game Book today in the U.S. The attention to detail is noticeable! Thanks for all the hard work. The final product is great!«

BJ, backer, Kickstarter

»Great gift idea for the upcoming holidays!! It's minimalistic design is so beautiful and also the games are well-chosen. My friends love it! I would definitely recommend it to all board games lovers!«

Ana Marie, a customer

Gamebook Special Edition
Gamebook, special edition

Gamebook is SOLD OUT. There are just a few Special Editions left!